Taste This Life

Created in 2015; stemming from my love of food, my small personal chef/catering company was born. My name is Chef Jessica Moore.

My motto is simple. Fresh, local, beautiful and flavourful.

We eat with our eyes before anything else. Every dish should be balanced in colors, flavours and appeal. From gourmet fine dining to simple, nourishing family dinners, we can handle it for you.

I grew up around family that celebrated with food for all occasions. With a Caymanian-Honduran heritage, I carry that need for spices and fresh herbs through in my cooking. I am also heavily influenced being trained in Japanese cuisine, for bold clean flavours in a minimalistic style.

Let me show you how these worlds collide on my plate.


From Our Clients


N. Storrie

I feel in a few years, I will be saying, “Jessica cooked for me before she was big big time famous.”


D. Armstrong

We enjoyed meeting you and the dinner was incredible! Thank you.



I just wanted to let you know that everyone really enjoyed the lunch yesterday, down to the very last rice grain in each box.  The food was so delicious and the packaging was so lovely!